Bright Pink Lipstick dupe bright pink lips Bright Pink Lipstick dupe

I’ve been sick in bed with a fever the past 2 days having caught the flu bug that’s been going around. A thousand and one things that I have in mind to do, and I’m unable to do any because of a flu. My sister thinks its because I’ve been so stressed with work that the flu bug hit me so hard this time. But now that I’m feeling slightly better (have drank many bottles of water, plus took my meds), I thought, why not look at something pretty.

There’s just something about bright lipsticks that draws me to them again and again. And I have here, an oldie-but-goodie and a new favourite. MAC’s Sweet Thing lipstick which was one of the first bright pink lipsticks I ever bought and my new NARS Funny Face lipstick. bright pink lips swatches Bright Pink Lipstick dupe bright pink lips swatches 03 Bright Pink Lipstick dupe bright pink lips swatches 02 Bright Pink Lipstick dupe

Both are pretty similar dupes with the MAC being more glossy. So if you’re looking for something similar to MAC’s Sweet Thing which is LE (if I’m not wrong), do check out Funny Face.

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The Spa-Lon: Cure for back acne?

Ever since I was a teenager and started having acne on my face, I’ve always had acne problems on my back as well. But with back acne, its always much easier to hide, by just wearing a shirt that covers or a cardigan or jacket and I don’t have to worry about being self conscious about it. And I have tried a treatment at a facial place before, but to no avail so I didn’t try anymore after that. There was no change, and I didn’t want to waste my money.

Until very recently, my friend recommended me to the ATP-38 treatment at the Spa-Lon, saying that the treatment doesn’t just work for face, but for body treatments as well. Feeling hopeful after seeing reviews of how well it works for face acne treatments, I decided to take the plunge and see how it would help me back acne. I’ve did some searches online about back acne treatments in Singapore and don’t see many, so hopefully this post would be helpful to all of you out there suffering from back acne problems like me.

spalon entermain The Spa Lon: Cure for back acne?

I went to the City Square Mall outlet as it was the nearest to me and was greeted with a really gorgeous interior at the spa.

spalon enter The Spa Lon: Cure for back acne?

spalon consultationroom The Spa Lon: Cure for back acne?

I was first led to a consultation room, where the branch manager, Candice, had me fill out a form with my particulars and skin type, etc. After which, she did a check on my skin to determine what treatment would be best suited for me and took my blood pressure to make sure it would be safe for me to use the machine.

spalon slippers The Spa Lon: Cure for back acne?

I was then given a change of shoes to enter their changing rooms and treatment rooms. The first spa place where they had slippers in my size! I know, the smallest thing excites me. But most places always have me waddling around in slippers way too big for me because my feet is so small (size 34/35…)

spalon sink The Spa Lon: Cure for back acne? spalon toilet The Spa Lon: Cure for back acne?

spalon gettingready The Spa Lon: Cure for back acne?

Really clean and bright changing and shower areas where they even have an area for you to do your makeup after your treatment, with cotton wool, cotton buds, clean hair brushes and face towels provided. Its all these little things that adds up to a great service.

spalon waitingarea The Spa Lon: Cure for back acne? spalon waitingarea2 The Spa Lon: Cure for back acne?

Waiting areas at the spa all have that extra special touch

spalon room1 The Spa Lon: Cure for back acne? spalon room2 The Spa Lon: Cure for back acne?

And the treatment rooms. Depending on the treatments you would be doing, Spa-Lon would put you in different rooms. I saw rooms with just the sink like above, and rooms with a shower area attached (maybe those are body treatment rooms), and even a huge jacuzzi in one room.

For my back acne, I was recommended the treatment using the ATP-38 machine. The ATP38 machine is using the technology of combining visible and infrared light bands with a triple wavelength to enable an unequalled optimisation of absorption and penetration. The high strength LED laser produces the most extensive phototherapeutic applications.

So far I have done 3 treatments and all 3 were different. Candice would examine my skin on that day and decide which treatment plan to follow for that appointment. A break-down on my treatment so far:

1st appointment: Micro-Peeling Treatment, Photo Rejuvenation Treatment (Anti-Inflammatory mode, followed by Healing mode)

2nd appointment: Photo Rejuvenation Treatment (Healing mode)

3rd appointment: Photo Rejuvenation Treatment (Collagen Regeneration mode)


A little more information about the treatments (from Spa-Lon’s website):

Photo Rejuvenation Treatment

Based on technology discovered by NASA, this treatment utilises different kinds of light in order to

  • re-energise, restructure and revitalise skin cells.
  • This results in increased collagen production,
  • regulated melanin levels(for dark spots and pigmentation),
  • and more radiant skin.

Micro Peeling Treatment

The finest coridon sand is used with this micro-dermabrasion treatment.

  • The skin is cleansed,
  • dead skin cells are exfoliated and
  • fine lines are removed with minimal discomfort.
  • Pigmentation and dark spots are also reduced.
  • The skin reaches its maximum levels of brightness.
  • Combined with the Photo Rejuvenation Treatment, post-peeling redness is non-existent.

My First Session:

During my first session, I did the Micro Peeling Treatment which is a micro-dermabrasion treatment. I have heard that micro-dermabrasion is painful like a more extreme version of exfoliation, but I experienced minimal discomfort, it just feels like scratching of your skin with your finger nails. My friend, Mag, who was helping me take photos during the treatment, exclaimed that there was a lot of dead skin after the micro peeling. I didn’t get to see it as I was lying down.

After the micro peeling, I did the Photo Rejuvenation Treatment using the Anti-Inflammatory light for 40 mins. Afterwhich, the branch manager came in and after checking my skin, she did another 5-10 mins (I can’t remember, by then I was half asleep) of Healing light as she felt my skin needed it. One of the points I really like about Spa-Lon, as the treatment is really catered to your skin needs and not just following one fixed treatment plan.

My Second Session:

At my second session a week later, I was advised by the branch manager that for my skin condition, I should try to come down for the treatment at least twice a week. And on top of that, try to use a mild shower gel which is PH balancing as well as use a towel to wash my back. At the consultation, Candice noted that compared to when I first came in, there is no more red spots on my back, meaning no more inflamed acne.

This session, I did the Photo Rejuvenation Treatment using the Healing light for 15 mins, since my skin has already improved since my first session. I noticed this time that the light was difference from my first session as instead of just shining red constantly, there was a period that it flickers yellow and red, and during this period I could feel some tingling effects.

My Third Session:

At my third session 4 days later, I did the Photo Rejuvenation Treatment using the light for 12 mins. This time it was so comfortable and routine that I fell asleep during the treatment. I felt the same tingling effects halfway through the treatment. And Candice did note that my back acne has no more new acne coming up. And the existing blackheads has reduced in size.

spalon atplight The Spa Lon: Cure for back acne?

The ATP38 machine shining the Photo Rejuvenation Treatment on my back.

I guess photos of the progress is much better than me ranting along,

spalon firstbefore The Spa Lon: Cure for back acne?


Photo of my back before any treatment

spalon firstafter The Spa Lon: Cure for back acne?

Immediately after my first session

spalon secondafter The Spa Lon: Cure for back acne?

After my second session

(Most redness is gone, and there are a visibly less bumps than before)

At the moment, I don’t know how many more sessions I would need to fully recover. But judging by the progress of just 3 sessions. I can already see quite a big visible improvement. This is huge as I’ve been struggling with this problem for years so most scars are quite deep. All my family members have commented that my back acne has looked like it improved.

So far, ATP38, I’m impressed. And I will follow up with further updates after a few more sessions as well as update photos. Maybe with a few more sessions, I will be able to sport clear skin.

The Spa-Lon outlet I go to:

City Square Mall
180 Kitchener Road
#03-01/02 City Square Mall
Singapore 208539

Tel: 65098523
Fax: 65093397

Business Hours:
11am – 9pm Daily

Other Spa-Lon outlets:

Choa Chu Kang
Choa Chu Kang Ave 4
Blk 304 #01-661
Singapore 680304

Tel: 6891 0030 / 6891 0060
Fax: 6891 0043

Business Hours:
10am – 9pm Daily

30 Victoria Street
#02-04/05 Caldwell House
Singapore 187996

Tel: 6837 0131
Fax: 6837 0411

Business Hours:
11am – 9.30pm Daily

Tiong Bahru Plaza
302 Tiong Bahru Road
Singapore 168732

Tel: 6276 6313
Fax: 6276 0698

Business Hours:
Weekdays: 11am – 9pm
Saturday: 10am – 8pm
Sunday: 10am – 6pm

New Upper Changi Road
Blk 208 #01-671
Singapore 460208

Tel: 6242 0013
Fax: 6242 0732

Business Hours:
Weekdays: 10am -9.30pm
Saturday: 10am – 9.30pm
Sunday: 10am – 8.30pm

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Skincare: Biolee – Acne Solution

I’m back with more skincare talk and this time, I’m focusing on a range of skincare targeted for acne from Korean brand, Biolee. Recently, I’ve been obsessed with Korean skincare products as I feel they are more suited for our asian skin. And I’ve also found that I have had better results after using korean skincare products than with using western brands. Some western brands turn out a little too heavy for my skin or just doesn’t suit the climate here. But not with some of the skincare products I’ve been trying recently.

The range of products that I’m sharing with all of you today is something that I’m really excited to share about. Biolee is a brand offering products to target acne skin. The difference between Biolee and other acne skincare is that they don’t use Salicylic Acid or Benzoyl Peroxide which is the usual ingredients that almost all acne skincare uses. Instead, Biolee products uses the ingredient, Pine Pollen Extract, which (according to the website) “has excellent antibiotics and anti inflammatory effect against propioni bacterium acnes (the most common form of acne bacterium).” And is a natural ingredient, unlike salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide which are chemicals. To me, the more natural the ingredients the better.

biolee main Skincare: Biolee   Acne Solution


I have here, 5 products from Biolee which I’ve tried. The main 3 products, the cleanser, toner and peeling gel are all focused on cleaning the skin. Which is something that I’ve mentioned before in my previous skincare posts, cleansing is important! Especially for acne skin, with all the bacterial built-up, daily cleansing and weekly exfoliation is a must. I changed the way I cleansed my skin and it helped me greatly improve my skin condition.

biolee purifyingcleanser Skincare: Biolee   Acne Solution biolee purifyingcleanserswatch Skincare: Biolee   Acne Solution

For the first step in my skin care routine, I used the Purifying Foam Cleanser to cleanse my face. I would wash my face with a foaming cleanser every night to remove any impurities and dirt. This is a very comfortable cleanser to use, no tight feeling and the smell was very soothing. A pea size amount is enough to wash my whole face. I would lather it up with water first before applying it to my face.

biolee controlskintoner Skincare: Biolee   Acne Solution

After cleansing, I apply their Control Skin Toner by patting it on my skin. This is a very light toner which is something I adore, I tend to stay away from toners that feels too heavy for my skin, fearing that I would break out from it. And the smell! I love the smell of this toner. Somehow it smells exactly like my favourite facial mist from TheFaceShop in the scent Jeju Flower.

biolee peelinggel Skincare: Biolee   Acne Solution biolee peelinggelswatch Skincare: Biolee   Acne Solution

Exfoliation, my second most important step in my skincare routine. Even if I don’t do masks for that week, I absolutely have to exfoliate my skin. If not I will feel like bumps are going to appear. I alternate between many different exfoliators but I feel this Esthetical Peeling Gel is the most gentle way to exfoliate your skin. If you have severe acne, I would advice against using any scrubs or cleansing brushes (like Clarisonic) as those would just aggravate your skin. Instead, opt for a gentle peeling gel as it would effectively remove your dead skin by no scratch at your existing acne. This one by Biolee is along the same lines as peeling gels by many other Korean or Japanese bands. You apply the gel to your skin and just gently massage it into your skin in circular motion, and your dead skin will all be removed! Simple as that. This one by Biolee is along the same lines as peeling gels by many other Korean or Japanese brands. However, Biolee’s peeling gel has the additional ingredient of the pine tree extract which is anti-inflammatory. After using it, my skin feels super super soft and absorbs skincare products much faster.

biolee spottreatment Skincare: Biolee   Acne Solution biolee spottreatmentswatch Skincare: Biolee   Acne Solution

I’ve tried many acne treatment creams and some either makes my skin very dry or just doesn’t work at all. Biolee’s Dramatic Spot feels more like a cream than a liquid gel. It isn’t like those acne treatments which hurt upon application. It is very calming and I’ve noticed that after applying it, inflamed acne spots are not as red as before.

biolee sunblock Skincare: Biolee   Acne Solution biolee sunblockswatch Skincare: Biolee   Acne Solution

Apart from cleansing, UV protection is also very important for skin. It protects our acne scars from getting darker, it protects our skin from free radicals which would cause our skin to aged, etc. I’ve been using this Oil-Free UV Protector SPF40/PA++ from Biolee almost daily now and it is very comfortable to use on days that I’m not wearing makeup. For makeup days I’ll use my tinted sunscreen which acts like a makeup base so as to not pile on too many products. I don’t put on makeup to work now, so using a sunscreen that does’t dry my skin out inside an air con room was important to me. This is the first cream-like sunscreen I’ve tried and I’ve really enjoyed using it. It sinks into my skin and doesn’t feel oily or like I have a heavy layer of sunscreen on my face (I apply loads of sunscreen…)

Biolee’s range of skincare doesn’t have a moisturiser, so I’ve just been using my own. I just finished using up my Laneige Water Sleeping Pack and have started trying something new which if turns out well, I will share soon.

If you have acne skin and have not met with good results from Salicylic Acid or Benzoyl Peroxide, do give Biolee a try. The products are good supplements for any existing skincare products you might already own.

signoff Skincare: Biolee   Acne Solution

Favourites of the moment!

Hi everyone!

I’m finally back with a blog post! The past 2 months have been nothing short of hectic, first I was so busy with job interviews almost every day, and then when I started work, I was just too tired to even on my computer and type anything, let alone even taking photographs of all the products I had piled up. But now I guess its time to get started blogging again, making sure I have enough time to take photos and blog every week. Feb Faves Main Favourites of the moment!

For these few months, I’ve had a pretty wide range of products in my favourites. Mainly these are the products I used to create my makeup look for work/interviews. So neutral eyeshadows and flawless skin was the way to go. Feb Faves laneige Favourites of the moment!Ever since finishing my previous night moisturiser (Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Skin Balancing Night Cream), I started trying out Laneige’s Water Sleeping Pack just to see for myself what was the hype on this product about. And I have to say, I love it. Its just a really simple fuss free moisturiser. Very hydrating but feels so light weight since its a gel, really good for oily skin users. I’ve been using this every night and raving about it, so much so that even my sister is using this now! Feb Faves ysl Favourites of the moment!

A new addition to my foundation stash is YSL Youth Liberator Serum Foundation. Mine is in B20 (I’m an NC25 for MAC). My go-to foundation now for naturally dewy, glowy skin. It doesn’t feel too heavy or thick on my skin and somehow when I sweat while wearing this foundation, I still look naturally radiant and not like a hot mess I feel like I am. I’m really into foundation that looks like my natural skin and makes me look naturally flawless. So nothing heavy or cakey or makes me look like I’m wearing a lot of foundation. This is on the top of the list. Feb Faves bnbw candle Favourites of the moment!

I’m really into candles, candles are my weakness among home scents products sort of thing. I used to be into aroma oils then now candles. This is my candle scent of the moment, Bath and Body Works Pineapple Mango. I’m so glad that I bought the large size for this. Its just the perfect combination of fruity fresh. At the moment, I’m already plotting my future purchases at Singapore’s very own Bath and Body Works store. I haven’t had the time to drop by yet, but I really want to! Have you visited BNBW at MBS yet? Feb Faves ysl and mac Favourites of the moment!

After trying on nearly the whole collection of YSL Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stains, I finally selected No. 27 Peche Cerra-Cola. I wanted a shade which I could put on every day without thinking much. These neutral tones tend to be the shades that I reach for the most. So I figured I would get more wears out of this colour as compared to a brighter shade. And I have! I’ve been loving the formula of these Glossy Stains. Not quite a gloss or a lipstick but moisturising enough and it stains the lips quite nicely even after wiping it off so you won’t look too pale.

I’ve also been loving a MAC polish that I picked up during their sale, so unfortunately its not available now as it was from their Marilyn Monroe collection (I just checked the MAC website, it IS available! Just in their normal packaging). However, MAC Vintage Vamp is a gorgeous dark red wine shade. I’ve been painting this shade on my toes. Continuously. I really need to change up my polishes. Feb Faves ma cherie Favourites of the moment!

Ma Cherie’s Hair Fragrance in Winter Floral is one of those products which I “keep thinking why do it need it, but have been using it every day”. Realistically, who needs a hair fragrance (I do, apparently). But using it every day is just such a guilty pleasure. Everyone wants their hair to smell nice right. The scent I have here is Ma Cherie’s limited edition scent from their holiday collection, but their original scent is just as delightful. Feb Faves loreal hair Favourites of the moment!

I found out about this product from watching Tati’s (Glamlifeguru) hair care video. And now I’m halfway through my second tub of this gold. L’oreal Pairs Total Repair 5 Damage-Erasing Balm is amazing stuff. I use this in substitute of a condition about twice a week and it keeps my hair feeling really soft and helps with the frizziness of my hair. I stopped using it during the time I was waiting for my next tub to arrive from and I really felt the consequences, my frizzy mane returned. I blame the replacement conditioner that I was using to replace this. Sigh pie. Feb Faves lancome Favourites of the moment!

Lancome’s UV Expert GN Shield BB Complete has been a perfect pairing for my Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk Foundation. Somehow, using them both together, I get this flawless finish that lasts for hours. It minimises oil, doesn’t make my foundation look cakey and has and SPF 50 PA+++ to boot. Feb Faves aesop Favourites of the moment!I’ve been using this Clarisonic every night for awhile now, and been feeling like I needed a separate exfoliator on days that I don’t use my Clarisonic. So after soon research (and trying it in the store myself on my hand), I picked up Aesop Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste and we have had a smooth sailing relationship so far. I’ve been diligently using this at least once a week, and my skin always feel so smooth and soft after. This exfoliator also somehow makes my skin looks brighter after using it. I love how its not a harsh exfoliator, it does has a sandy texture, but nothing to abrasive against the skin. I purchased mine from the tangs counter and the sales person was most helpful with all my questions and testings. So i definitely do recommend you go down to the counter and try out the products for yourself. Feb Faves dior Favourites of the moment!

The highlight of my day, using my new Dior Golden Flower palette. I’ve even received many compliments from people when I have these eyeshadows on. Love how the colours come together so easily to form a really wearable look. And I always pair it with Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Bourbon. Its my second eyeliner in Bourbon and UD Eye Pencils are one of my favourite formulations. Dior Addict Extreme in Plaza has been one of the shades that I was eyeing for awhile so now I wear it whenever I have an opportunity arises that my outfit suits bright lips. Feb Faves kiehls and ud Favourites of the moment!

And finally, a skincare product that I really need to showcase and show more love to, Kiehl’s Blemish Control Daily Skin-Clearing Treatment. This acne treatment cream is what I really need to give credit to for my clear skin. I use it regular whenever I feel like my skin is feeling bumpy and it really works. It also helps to lighten dark acne scars, so I mostly just use it over the whole area instead of like a spot treatment. It is not drying at all, so I don’t have to worry whenever I use it all over my cheeks or forehead. So much love for this product.


Feels so good to just sit at my computer and type. I’ve had some changes in my life, so after shifting some things around, I might have more time to devote to my blog. Or I might not. But its full gear ahead for me now that I’ve jumped both feet into it. Wish me luck on this new venture in my life, I won’t reveal too much just at this moment icon wink Favourites of the moment!

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Current obsession: Melissa Shoes

Hey everyone! How have you been so far? I know I’ve been away for months and its killing me to be away from my blog. For so long, I hardly got a chance to just sit and have some ‘me’ time. (I need some ‘me’ time, maybe a facial soon would be good, haha) So now that I’ve got a couple of hours, it’s time for me to catch up with all of you!

Ever since I’ve started working, finding the most comfortable pair of shoes became a priority for me. Regardless of the price, comfort was the most important if I had to walk around all day in it. Luckily for my job, I didn’t need to be in heels, so searching for the pair of comfortable shoes was much easier. After hearing pretty good reviews of the shoes from my friends, I zoomed in on the brand: Melissa. And after trying my very first pair at the store, I was set on buying myself a pair of Melissa shoes (Melissa Singapore). Now I own two. And they’re probably the most comfortable shoes I own at the moment. I never complain about painful feet after walking around the whole day anymore. They are that comfortable.

melissa shoes pink outfit Current obsession: Melissa Shoes

Melissa Doris Special Flats in Pink

Between the 2 that I own, this is my more ‘casual’ pair (the pair that I don’t wear to work). But the combination of the pink and rose gold details has me in love. I’ve paired it with jeans, dresses, or like the photo above, shorts. Above is an outfit I put together recently, perfect for a girly casual Sunday. Just neutral makeup, a pink pout and a fresh clean floral scent.

melissa shoes black outfit Current obsession: Melissa Shoes

Melissa Ultra Girl Sweet II in Black

And of course, I had a get a versatile black pair of flats as well. This design is my favourite from Melissa at the moment, that I was super tempted to get the same design in either pink or white as well. Its girly enough with the bow, but not too girly as there’s studs too. The outfit I put together with lots of black and gold is a little more formal, suitable for a date night out. It includes my favourite Dior Golden Flower eyeshadow palette and Chanel Chance Eau Tendre.


As I have really small feet, I thought I would have difficulties finding a suitable size for me at Melissa. Thankfully, I was able to fit their smallest size, size US5. And armed with the knowledge of my shoe size, I went online to purchase my shoes. I knew quite a few stores online sells Melissa shoes, but many were based overseas. So I settled to purchase from Zalora, it was based in Singapore so I could get my shoes really quickly. They had the shoes in the sizes I wanted, most of the time, my size sells out really quickly. Plus, it was easy to find discount codes for Zalora online. And some Melissa shoes were even on 30% off. Zalora’s delivery was really quick, I received my shoes 2 days after I ordered, so thumbs up to them! Everything was packed really nicely in bubble wrap, so no worries about damages.


Now all this talk has me itching to get another pair of Melissa shoes. What’s your go-to brand for comfortable shoes?

signoff Current obsession: Melissa Shoes

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